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The Truth About Unusual Engagement Rings

Unusual engagement rings are attractive for many reasons. Long gone are the days when every aspect of a wedding has to follow tradition. Today’s nuptial couple has the choice to tailor the ceremony according to their whim and personality. Why not the engagement ring too?

Often weddings are styled to a particular theme such as Country, Tropical or Fairy Tale etc. To really make this work the wedding jewellery should be chosen or made to match. Having an unusual engagement ring might be just the ticket.

This can have several advantages.

The first is cost. Breaking away from tradition means no longer being dependent on using gold and diamonds. Unusual engagement rings can be made from silver, pearls and precious or semi precious stones. This can add up to substantial savings. It also means more money available to spend in other areas.

[pullquote_right]The secret to getting away with unusual engagement rings is matching them with complimentary jewellery.[/pullquote_right]

The second reason is that it creates a fantastic story. Unusual engagement rings get noticed. Imagine being stuck in a group of people with nothing in common. Maybe someone comments on your ring. Suddenly you have the perfect opportunity to launch into your wedding tale and how you came to own such an interesting piece of bling.

Another reason is that a unique wedding ring is the ultimate fashion statement. It proclaims clearly that you are not a conformist. You know what you like and are not afraid to show it. Naturally you would still want it to blend with the rest of what you’re wearing. And by choosing well you demonstrate a confidence that stands out from someone who slavishly follows tradition.

So what could be considered an unusual engagement ring?

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Clusters of pearls set in 92.5 sterling silver are certainly different. Or perhaps a single large Mabe. A well crafted setting and quality silver still gives it the value as befits an engagement present. The great thing is pearls come in a variety of colours so they can be matched with any type of theme or occasion. From white to crème, pink, mauve, green or black – and many shades in between, there’s a pearl for you.

For a wedding you’d probably go for lighter hues. But let your imagination and the wedding concept invite what’s possible. Once you deviate from the norm there really is no right or wrong.

The secret to getting away with unusual engagement rings is matching them with complimentary jewellery. That way they don’t look out of place. By way of example, if you wore a white Mabe engagement ring, then some white pearl drop earrings would make your choices seem deliberate rather than simply strange.

And even though nowadays it’s acceptable to wear unusual engagement rings you should still shop for quality. Doing so means your wedding jewellery can be incorporated into your everyday personal style, long after the event is over.

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