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Finding The Best Engagement Rings Made Simple …

Locating the best engagement rings is no easy task.

When it’s time to get married, you’ll have lots of things on your mind. On top of the wedding itself, there are  decisions to make about wedding jewellery. The engagement ring, for instance, is the first that springs to mind. Saving for that is a big deal, so you want to make sure you pick the right one. You’ll also have to think about a wedding band, but that’s a secondary consideration.

Finding a perfect diamond ring is all about the right fit. Not literally, but more in how the item fits your needs. Diamonds are expensive, but they can vary in price depending upon size, cut, clarity, and a ton of other factors. But first you have to know what your budget is. The best engagement rings start typically anywhere from $2,000 to $30,000. You can buy bigger, more expensive rings – maybe for the “high rollers”. A good rule of thumb is to save one to three months’ worth of pay.

Once you figure out how much you’ll spend, you should think about the kind of cut your intended bride would like. Be subtle. You can find this out without revealing that you’re going to propose. Casually ask if she likes a Round cut, an Emerald cut, or maybe the Princess cut. Options are virtually endless, so you need to really understand what appeals to her. Diamond rings might be pricey and they’re not all created equally. Some looks are more suited to different women, depending upon their taste.

Clarity is also important. Many like to judge diamond rings based on their price or size, but clarity reveals the true value. The best engagement rings will really shine when the light hits them. Sometimes people settle for more opaque rings that cost less. This might help the budget, but it won’t give you the best looking engagement gift. Make sure you ask and find out the grade of diamond clarity. Jewellers must provide this information, so make sure you take advantage of it.

Shopping for wedding rings is fun, so don’t stress over it. Just figure out how much you’re willing to spend without worrying about what you can afford. There are great rings for much less than you think. Remember to do your research and above all else, make sure the ring will fit your unsuspecting bride. If you’re ‘meant to be’ she’ll love it regardless of the amount you spend on it.

The best engagement rings include pearls

You’ll both be looking at this memento for years to come. It’ll be a constant reminder of a unique time in your lives. Having the best engagement ring you could find would be better than an average looking one. Wouldn’t it?

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