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Julie Bishop knows about Julleen Pearl and Bridal Jewellery websites

Last night I met the honourable Julie Bishop MP  – Electoral Division of Curtin (WA) and Deputy Leader of the Opposition of the liberal party of Australia. I  found her to be a warm and generous woman who has a wonderful smile and is herself, a confessed pearl lover. She was an honoured guest where my mother was also a guest speaker and after taking a picture of her with my mother and seeing how approachable she was, I handed her a Julleen card, which she took in hand immediately, noticing we are based in South Perth, and when she asked exactly where we were situated, she seemed delighted to hear she could view them on the Julleen websites and I smiled when she said, how she also adored pearls. Let’s hope that all of Canberra will be alerted that Julleen Pearl Bridal Jewellery is here to stay!

Juie Bishop & Julleen

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