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Aqua Blue Pearl Stud Earrings


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Aqua Blue Pearl Stud Earring on Sterling Silver Post. 11mm Aqua, colour assisted, pretty button half dome pearls. Gorgeous with aqua and blue when a bit of brightness can make your day – 11mm.

Wondering what this aqua pearl stud looks like on you. Well if you like it on Tessa.. you would more than likely.. love it on your own ear. For a conservative look but just a smidgen less formal than our 11mm white stud earring…we are sure you’ll be pleased with these. Worn any time and all the time if you like. We try as much as possible to use a live model for each earring created so you can see the size..colour and design clearly. A suggestion when looking for a particular coloured earring do a search using google images.

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