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Bridal Jewellery – What Do Brides Really Want?

Bridal jewellery


Jewellery is one accessory that a bride can’t do without. Whether in form of necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets or rings, beautiful bridal jewellery is the key to looking good on your wedding day. Bridal jewellery can be made from gemstones, precious metals or shells. But if it’s true class you want look no further than pearls.

Diamonds may be a “girl’s best friend” but bridal jewellery made from pearls will be remembered forever.

In a moment I’ll share why. But first, where did the tradition of wearing jewellery at weddings come about? Jewellery has been worn throughout history. It started simply as a way to decorate the body.

Bridal jewelry was first made from natural materials that were readily available. These included animal bone, teeth, beads, different kinds of shells, carved wood and stone. Of course that was years ago in less advanced societies. But nowadays we still see brides in primitive cultures going to great lengths to adorn themselves with the finest they can afford. Feathers, bone, colorful cloth and so on.

[pullquote_right]Diamonds may be a “girl’s best friend” but bridal jewellery made from pearls will be remembered forever.[/pullquote_right]

It would seem the wedding ceremony is an occasion to be revered for every woman – regardless of race, creed or nationality. And having the right bridal jewellery can make all the difference.

Jewellery has also always been a means of displaying wealth. So for a bride, the wearing of lovely jewels equates to status. Who wouldn’t want to feel as rich as a king or queen on their wedding day? The fact that bridal jewellery can also have a practical utility is of secondary importance.

Yet it may be necessary to pin a garment together or keep the hair in place. If the implements that do these jobs look gorgeous too then so much the better. In the wedding photos every little detail is frozen in time forever. Choosing pretty jewellery for these functional tasks will make the occasion picture perfect.

What makes the best bridal jewellery?

For the most part it’s a matter of taste. But here are some additional things to consider.

[dropcap1]1[/dropcap1] Brides – perhaps not so much anymore – are synonymous with purity. If this is a consideration then think about including pearls. They look stunning against most wedding dresses and can be matched to complement skin tone or other garments.

[dropcap1]2[/dropcap1] Cost – Bridal jewellery made with pearls goes a long way. A string of pearls is easily recognizeable from a distance and stands out easily in the smallest of photos. Compare that to a tiny diamond which costs much more and is barely seen except up close.

[dropcap1]3[/dropcap1] Style – It’s the best kept secret. Pearls never go out of fashion. Just think of that classic poster of Audrey Hepburn from the fifties. She still looks classy today. Wouldn’t you like to look back on your wedding photos decades from now and be delighted with the choices you made?

Fortunately finding the best bridal jewellery has never been easier.