Spring Rose Pink Pearl Necklace JD247-01A

Spring Rose Pink Pearl Necklace


Product Description

Pink Pearl Cocktail Length Necklace. Carved Italian Rose Quartz, various natural pink and white freshwater pearls in flowing double strand a timeless piece. All sterling silver 925 – 27″.

Isn’t this the prettiest design in pink? Pink is still the world’s symbolic colour of the female and femininity. Check the room when a baby girl is born…or a hens night..or many a marriage ceremony…girls still love pink. For the love of anything pink and especially in gemstones! then rose quartz, and pink pearls are the perfect match and choice. This design conjures up the most blissfully  feminine feel when worn. Rose quartz has to be the top of the list of semi precious stones..that people want to own..as it’s the gemstone of romance..that’s why you get such a great feeling when just looking at it…..it’s a wonderful stone to wear when love is in the air..(or when you want it to be in the air). Gracefully balanced with pastel tones in the gems…and mixed textures in the sterling silver.. make this a pretty special pearl jewellery design. Individually hand knotted at Julleen, on a long double stranded, various size…natural pink pearl and white pearl necklace…it’s a dream piece for any lover of pink…whatever the age. Tell us what you think. If we love your answer…we may just give you a surprise gift in the mail.


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