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Gold Pearl Earrings. 15 mm Mediterranean Blue Mabe, Blister Pearl, Double Bezel Set with Post in 24K Vermeil (24ct pure gold over 925 sterling)  total diameter –  18mm.

Gold Pearl Earing Blue Mabe Gold Pearl Earring

Your screen may show a slightly greener version on live model. The colour on the Julleen Card and earring stand just above are both a more accurate colour. The mabe is a bright Mediterranean blue mabe.

The mabe or blister pearl is an ancient method of pearl harvesting. The stunning effect created, looks like half a huge pearl. However it is a blister created by the oyster with the help of man (cultured pearling). To form a Mabe or blister pearl, a small base usually a dome or in some instances, tiny figures like the little Buddhas seen below, are placed delicately on the shell of the oyster or muscle, rather than within the flesh, as with most spherical pearls The irritation acts exactly the same as that of the creation of solid pearl. The intruder soon gathers nacre in many layers, (pearl surface). The created nacre looks like a blister. The blisters are painstakingly removed and again delicately placed over a resin support. This cultured pearl dome or Buddha is then backed with a mother of pearl sheath. Voila the Mabe is BORN!.

cultured pearl mollusk
mabes blister pearls


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