Madame Butterfly Double Row Pearls Necklace JBP001

Madame Butterfly Long Pearl Necklace


Product Description

Butterfly Pendant Set in Chunky Sterling Silver using MOP Chunks 5mm Fuschia Crystals on Double String of 8mm Creamy White Round Pearls. Sterling Silver Caps with 19mm (silver tone) Jumbo Spring Clasp – 30″.

This what at first glance looks very conservative is a beauty! and can be wrapped around the neck once again…to look like a chunky pearl collar and feel oh so affluent and quietly sophisticated. This style may remind us of a by gone era… where grace and good taste was part of every day life…and who can forget that timeless image of the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s pictured below. Pearls wrapped around many times, to create a chunky substantial look is also timeless…if you have the nerve to do it. Do you? Had to add this lovely playful picture of Liz and her long strand of white pearls. If you haven’t seen this image before I am so pleased to present it here for your enjoyment.

Audrey Hepburn Elizabeth Taylor pearls


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