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Ancient Egyptian Style Huge Turquoise Shield Ring 925


Turquoise Cluster – Sterling Silver 925 Long Shield Ring – Size 9.

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Product Description

Huge Turquoise Gemstone and Sterling Silver Shield Style Ring. An ancient design of gemstone ring in Blue Turquoise that symbolized wealth and prosperity and that even today! still stands the test of time. Crafted from the styles of ancient times this substantial ring is spectacular.

Please note these rings are hand crafted and therefore each can vary slightly in textures and also the (black) iodizing method is hardly ever regular but the over all look is definitely the same and truly striking.

Original designs take time to make by hand, please appreciate the effort that goes into making each unique item in my store, that you will not see anywhere else. Thank you

US size 9 (diameter 19.1 mm) or size US 8.5 (diameter – 18.5)
UK size R or Q

Weight – 10.5 gm