Cherry Pop Stick Pearl Cluster Earrings E037-29
Pearl Drop Earring Cherry QuartzCherry-Pop-Earring-Hook-E037.29Cherry-Pop-Hook-Earring-E037.29Cherry-Pop-Earring-E037.29

Cherry Pop Stick. Cherry Quartz, Pearl, Black Jet, Decco Earrings


Pink Pearl and Gemstone Earrings. Cherry Quartz Facetted French Jet Pink and Pearl Earring on sturdy sterling silver hook – 55mm.

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Product Description

Pink Pearl and Gemstone Earrings.Cherry Quartz 12 mm, Facetted French Jet 8mm, Pink 8mm and 5mm pearls on sturdy hook, all sterling silver – 55mm.

Cherry Quartz is a lovely mood lifter when worn in any jewellery. These earrings will give the wearer that pop of coral colour and instantly add warmth to any complexion. As refreshing as watermelon this is such a fun colour and gemstone to wear and with pearl and black Jet the combination is just wonderful. Just a bit of trivia Black Jet is known as a protection stone.