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Candice Necklace


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Romantic Bliss in 125x White Round 9mm Hull Pearls. Wear Double, Long or Wrap as a bracelet (5 row). Each pearl is blissfully different. Candice – a must have! 44″ inches. NB – Hull pearls look and feel like sea water pearls but they are 100% river (freshwater) pearls.

Sex appeal personified! One of our most popular necklaces ever! It is so long you can wear it below the waist, twisted and draped, as a double or triple row like Jackie O or like our 50′s heiress below, Mrs Stanley Mortimer Jnr. who wears a thick chunky bracelet with a triple row of pearl. You can also just wear it as a single strand but  knotted (see necklace Clara).

long pearl necklace

thanks to Mrs Stanley Mortimer Jnr  for this image


pearls nude


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